Red red wine – the best bottles for 2012

If you are a red wine fan then you are in luck as there are some fantastic bottles available for 2012. Wine is a real passion for people all over the world, from the UK to Australia, and if you love a glass or two of the good stuff you should definitely read the following list and look out for wine offers.

Jean Bousquet Malbec
Despite the French sounding name, this bottle is actually of Argentinian origin. It hales from the Tupungato region of Argentina and uses Malbec grapes to create this delicious blend. This wine is ages in oak for a relatively short 6 months before bottling, and the fruit is left to speak for itself.

Jasci DOC Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

This is an exciting Italian Montepulciano with a jammy taste of red fruits and berries. It is a warm Italian wine with hints of cinnamon and vanilla, and it goes fantastically well with fresh pasta and sauce.


AOC Puisseguin - St. Emilion Château Beauséjour

And now to France and the Bordeaux region for this lovely little claret. It is an approachable and easily-quaffable bottle that will go down well with food or by itself to quench that nagging thirst. It is a deep and textured wine and one that you should definitely try in 2012.


Fiesta Azul y Garanza DO Navarra

Now further south to Spain where the astounding Fiesta Azul y Garanza DO Navarra is produced. This is – as the name suggests – a real party wine so if you are having people round for a drink, this is a great choice.


DO Jumilla Castillo de Madax

The DO Jumilla Castillo de Madax is a 2009 wine which is really coming into its own in 2012. This is another top Spanish tipple which is flying off shelves throughout the nation, and just as quickly flying out of glassed and down gullets. This wine is made with Monastrell grapes which are dark and spicy and this adds to a rich and deep drink.


Sollatio Rosso

Let us return to Italy for a moment, to examine another exciting, vivacious red wine. The Sollatio Rosso is a soothingly soft red from the heart of Sicily. It’s a wine that will make you an offer you can’t refuse.


Stellar Live-a-Little Really Ravishing Red

As the name of this bottle suggests it is a wine that embraces life and the best grape flavours that can be found in exotic South Africa. This is a wine that is fun, friendly and most importantly, delicious.